Stranger things

It's a whole new game out there. Vetements and Balenciaga's anarchist designs have definitely changed the rules of fashion for the past few seasons.

We are facing an unseen phenomenon which is already a lot to say in fashion, a world where we don't get surprised really often. In an oasis of edgy people, classic ones don't feel comfortable anymore because, this is not only about the clothes, it's also about a new uprising culture.

A Soviet background emerges from the Antwerp boy, Denma Gvasalia who once said: 'Being down to earth is the new black'. But are $1460 jeans down to earth?

You can feel a big ally or a total enemy but it’s happening, so it's unavoidable to focus our eyes on this new course. The question is: Did it come to stay? Most of the time fashion gets bored of it's own fashion so time will tell. 

Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez