Shirt me up

WARNING! This is a summer post!

Say 'hi' to the hot season on the south because nobody wants to talk about the cold winter on the north. It’s also holiday time, so go pack your shirts for the new year’s eve beach destination.

Play with this cotton basic piece reinvented in many shapes. In Fashion, when you feel everything is done, is not ! Creativity always finds new ways to surprise us. 

Choose from a classic one off the shoulder, a white one as a underlay, stripes, cold shoulders, sleeves wrapped or loose open, long to the floor as a dress or maybe just knee length. This eternal item now comes in so many shapes, but never loosing that 'shirt attitude'. 

It was definitely one of the big stars on the past fashion month streets, so it needs to get inside your closet before the next summer. Go and pile as many shirts as possible. Ruffles, new proportions, very long shoulders, oversized. Play with all them, you can't go wrong.


Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez