Take me to Tulum

Take me to Tulum


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The secret to survive in a crazy but great city like New York is to escape the concrete jungle very often. Three years ago we discovered that Tulum is just a few hours away and it instantly became our favorite get away.

It’s such a laid back paradise where you can swim all day long, have awesome food, dress really chic and hardly wear shoes. Just a perfect combination!

These are our recommendations to stay, eat and shop. 

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Nômade: 'The new gem'

Hey, don't get confused when you wake up in your beach cabaña, this is not your private island. It's still Tulum! Every detail is beautiful in this hotel and its two restaurant options are simply amazing: Macondo and it’s holistic cuisine. La Popular, a perfect fish market on the beach.

Sanara: 'Chic relaxation' 

Located steps from all the good shops and restaurants. It’s impecable and airy style make it the perfect paradise to relax. It's a special place for Yoga lovers since the studio is facing straight to the sea. Their restaurant ‘The Real Coconut’ is nice and healthy.

Coqui Coqui: 'The locals'

Everybody in Tulum knows the lovely half Italian half Argentinian couple that owns this Hotels. They have been in Tulum since long time. Their new location in Coba is original and stylish. You cant get enough of their good taste on every corner.

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Coqui Coqui: 'Our always favorite'

The lovely couple we talk about before not only has the chicest hotel but also an amazing 'Perfumeria' and a store that has typical local clothes, leather goods, hamacas and hats. All handmade in Yucatan. Not to be missed.

La troupe: 'A hippie chic trip'

The perfect beach store. Lots of cream and clear colors in their palette. They sell lovely home items and the most beautiful ‘dream catchers’ made by CHM 

Caló: 'When cool meets the beach'

If you want to get unique items this is the place. From really awesome dresses and kaftans to great jewelry, their store is little but very well equipped.

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Arca: 'Go hug the chef'

This is with no doubt our favorite place to eat. They know how to get carnivores and vegans happy at the same time. The chayote salad, the cauliflower, the whole fish, the octopus and the lamb are all amazing! Dessert time: why choose one? Have the Lima Soufflé and the Mamey Creme Brûlée, they are both superb. Be aware, their drinks are too good. 

Los Aguachiles: 'Getting real'

Located in the Tulum town center, with a typical local decor and kitchen, this place will make you feel Mexican and happy. The guacamole is on point, they have super fresh ceviches and very tasty tacos. Try their speciality: the aguachiles. They know how to do it! 

Gitano: 'Jungle dream'

It can't get cooler than Gitano. Chandeliers, palms, shiny disco balls, flowers and candles... Dream come true! They have very nice food and an amazing bar. Recommended: the mushroom tacos, the guava cheesecake and jungle fever cocktail. 

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Cenote dos Ojos: 'Worth to get touristic'

Yes, you have to pay a ticket and rent snorkel googles. Yes, the entrance looks suspicious. But believe me, it's amazing! You'll get to swim in this breath taking cenote surrounded by little fishes and stalactites. It gets even better if you are a pro scuba diver. Great adventure!  

Valladolid: 'The Pueblo experience'

If the beach doesn't look very promising that day, you have some options. Head to this cute town one hour and a half away from Tulum. You can have a nice real Mexican lunch at El Meson del Marques, get really original handmade bags from Dutzi, shop or get a massage at Coqui Coqui and visit the beautiful Cathedral of San Gervasio.

The town little shops: 'Fight the price'

If you are craving for handmade crafts, go to the town's main street where you will find lots of shops to get hamacas, dresses, ceramic skulls, talavera pottery and all type of colorful souvenirs. Turn your home into a mexican paradise! 

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Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez

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