Luang Prabang



The Luang Say Residence: Colonial Jungle

When in Laos, go French Colonial Style in this flawless boutique Hotel. The lagoon-like swimming pool is the ideal refreshing spot. Because yes, Luang Prabang can be sweaty hot but you won't feel it in this oasis. They serve à la carte breakfast which is our favorite way to start the day. Just wake up like a Laotian with tropical fruits and fish congee on your table.


Manda de Laos: Tropical Heaven

Step into this surreal tropical paradise and eat submerged in lotus water ponds. Veggie heaven, their mushrooms and papaya salad are incredible. A whole fish and the magret de canard are the next step to take. The grand finale: the coconut creme brulee!

3 Nagas: THE lunch stop

Well done local menu in a beautiful Français Laotian ambience. Yes, it's your opportunity to try new flavors. Do it! You will be happily surprised. They make delicious homemade ice cream so live a little room for it and leave with a cone in your hand. It's the perfect accessory to walk the charming Sakkaline Road.

La Belle Epoque: La trés Belle Dîner

Inside our recommended hotel, impeccable service, white tablecloth and a delicate menu. All you can ask for a romantic dinner by palms and elegant ambiance. The food distinctly mixes Europe and Asia in a very chic way plus you'll have the best wine list steps from your room, how convenient is that?

Extra: Sweet tooth anyone?

Believe it or not, you can find delicious crepes in this Asian treasure thousand of kilometers from Paris. Pair them with tropical smoothies from streets food stands. 

Oui oui, remember this was Indochine years ago so many foreign traditions stayed on this warm land. French once again, Le Benneton Cafe makes excellent croissants and pain aux raisins.


Utopia: What-a-location

A little tricky to find, down a long alley, you'll arrive to this truly unique bar. The view, the mood... everything is breathtaking. Just lay down on those asian mats staring at the horizon for as long as you want. Good for every time of the day, you can join their yoga classes, a fun beach volley game or just remind yourself how good pizzas and beer match together.


Get your one of a kind handprinted silk at Ock Pop Tok, handcrafted pieces at Ma Te Sai or the most beautiful ancient wood antiques and Buddhas at Phatana Boupha Antique House. You will also find very talented silversmith artist in Luang Prabang. Phothisack Rattanakone is one worth checking.


Luang Prabang is not a place for nightcrawlers. Go to sleep very early and wake up before the sunrise to see the Monks receive their offering. It's a magical moment worthy of a sleepy face. After taking hundred of pictures of orange wrap dresses head straight to the morning market where you can interact with local people from around the area. They come here every morning to sell the seasonal products they have to offer. Each one has a different selection depending of their tribes or family activities. Some of those products are unexpected and surprising for us, the outsiders. 


The Laotians respect the temples of Buddha by covering their knees and arms. Be prepare to take your shoes off at the entrance of every temple. So yes, those new Charlotte Olympia Verdant Slippers may look perfect for the day tour but save them for dinner time.


Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez