Ancient Siam Reap

Ancient Siam Reap


Angkor Village Resort: The real Angkor

Get lost inside the jungle in this village-like hotel. It was a little unexpected to find a quiet developed town with big hotels and a couple of shopping malls. So staying In this peacefully oasis makes the perfect combo with the antique temples. The long swimming pool in the middle of the garden and their spa are both a must. Take tuc-tucs everywhere, it's the easiest option plus you get to meet very friendly local drivers.


Chanrey Tree: Khmeh cuisine

A beautiful garden welcomes you to this delightful restaurant where you can try tasty local food. They have a menu full of traditional recipes from fresh starters to fishes and curries. It's also a happy vegetarian land with many options to choose from. Not an easy find in Asia so take advantage of it! 

Malis: Bon soir!

This is your romantic dinner spot by the look-alike french riviera of Siam Reap River. You'll find signature dishes in a very chic ambiance. The scallops, the duck and the fish amok are the way to go. Believe us, you won't be disappointed.

Sokkhak River: Cambodian classics with a modern twist

Same owner as Chanrey Tree, same great service. These people really know what they are doing. We took the set up menu for lunch and its was incredible. We recommend this 'gourmet tour' though authentic Cambodian food because sometimes is good to let others choose for you, that's when you get the best surprises. Get out of your comfort zone.

Le Malraux: S'il vous plait

We won't lie. The food in Southeast Asia is incredible but to have the opportunity to seat on a French table and ask for a mediterranean dish is pretty good. This charming restaurant did the job on its cool courtyard. Get a hint of their Indochine past and enjoy your creme brûlée while you see the street food stands.


This Southeast Asian destination is great for gift shopping. 

Artisans d’Angkor is an organization that supports local artisans so they keep their techniques alive over time. You can tour throughs the ateliers and see the artist carving some unique wooden Buddhas or working on beautiful silversmith pieces. You will finish your tour on the gift shop where you will make your mom & friends happy.

Graines de Cambodge makes very original necklaces with seeds from around the area.  

Senteurs d’Angkor has a variety of products from natural frangipani or lemongrass soaps and candles to local spices and teas.


Well you know the deal, we all come to Cambodia to feel a little bit like Angelina. ANGKOR WAT, ANGKOT THOM, TA PROHM and BAYON are the four temples to visit. They were built between the IX to XIV century by the Khmer civilization and they are truly breathtaking. While three of them are already 'renovated', one has been left as found so visitors can appreciate the power of the jungle. Each one has a special thing so make sure your lenses catches them all.

Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez

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