Thai affair



So Sofitel: So Bangkok

We usually like boutique hotels but what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. Sofitel is contemporary and big but yet super cool. We took a look at every room style (there's four options) and wood rooms are definitely the way to go with their chic modern interior designs overlooking this amusing city.


Mango Tree: Go Thai

What do you expect of Thai Food ? You will probably find it here on this beautiful green courtyard. With the heat always on, we recommend a fresh start like a pomelo or mango salads. To continue order a traditional pad thai with shrimp or a sour spicy soup. Don't miss your opportunity to close the deal with a mango sticky rice.

Street food is a big thing in Bangkok. Although it's only suited for adventurous travelers and stomachs you will find many rare tropical fruits. Try stopping at a durian stand if you dare so.


Lebua Sky Bar: Leave your vertigo at the coatcheck

 It's an amusing city full of energy. Just take a Tuc Tuc at night time and you'll know what we are talking about. Your destination: The Sky Bar. It might sound obvious but it's a movie-like experience. Cheers for being a proud tourist for one night!


Siam Discovery: Your design stop

You can find the ultimate fashion brands in this cool shopping in Siam Square neighborhood. Very nice selection of pieces in a very well designed building. Plus: Don't forget to take photos of the brutalist train racks outside the mall. They are unlike anything else.


Bling bling, the temples are calling!

There is not much to explain about the Grand Palace. It's fascinating and a must in Bangkok. Yes it's full of tourist but believe us, your eyes will only focus on the countless sparkly temples. 

The story behind the Golden Buddha in Wat Traimit is fascinating. 3 meters and 5.5 tones of pure massive gold sitting peacefully in Bhumisparsha Mudra position. Originally from 13th century it was rediscovered by mistake in 1955, covered in concrete. That was the Thai trick to hide the sacred Buddha during the Burmese invasions. Pretty clever right? The 18 karat gold statue value is estimated to be 250 million dollars and really worthy the visit.


Balance is the key when your are traveling for long time. After a couple of days in Bangkok take a break and head to the Thai House. Pip's husband will pick you up in Bangkok and take you to the house by boat through the delta. It's a one and only experience if you love to cook like we do. Pip, the chef and house owner is a lovely, patient yet strict teacher. A curry from scratch, checked. Homemade Pad Thai, also here. It is the best way to experience Thai cuisine in a local kitchen. Learning about new ingredients and recipes is the ideal way to connect with this new culture. Don't miss the visit to the local market where you will find surprising items.


The Float House Resort: Chic adventure

In the middle of Kanchanaburi this tranquil oasis will refresh your mind. 'Difficult to access luxury' equals no tourists in sight. We like that! The hotel has a clean design and its floating rooms are breathtaking. Just open the curtains to your private deck with hamaca included. Are you adventurous? Get your life vest on and jump into the Kwai River.


Zeavola Phi Phi Resort: Jungle Paradise

Crystal water and green all around you, this beach hotel is an astonishing spot and believe us, they know the definition of room with a view. Those villas with private pool on top of the tropical jungle are unbelievable. Don't forget it! You are in Thailand which means great massages. Spa heaven, this is your opportunity to get spoiled. Their kitchen enchanted us for having such a rich variety which is impressive being on an island far from mainland. From tropical local fruits to fresh tuna fish, this is a good place for foodies. If you want to take a snorkel tour around Maya Island trust only the hotel speedboat. Get there as early as posible to feel like Leo, alone in this paradise.


Photos by Diego Zuko | Text by Ceci Mendez